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Sexy shaved girl, bound and foced to cum in dirty rundown room.

Tabitha Tucker is a normal girl in a big city who is trying to make ends meet. One day, she is presented with a unique offer: spend the rest of her existence suffering though the day to day hell that is life, OR give up her freedom for a world of sexual bliss and constant forced orgasms and sexual arousal. To become a sex slave that is pampered to orgasmic exhaustion every day, or to continue to deal with the harsh reality of trying to make ends meet - what would you do?
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Huge titted blond, bound, punished and force to cum!

Welcome yet another new face to Hogtied. Trina Michaels is not your normal hot, tan, tall sexy blond California goddess. She is also a bondage loving slut. Normally when we work with new girls for the first time we need to pull back and find out what they can take, but not with Trina. It was obvious from the start we could ramp up the intensity right away. Her forced orgasms are some of the best we have filmed, and she took a fair amount of foot pain (bastinado) as well. Over all a great first time. Look for her to appear again soon.
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No cuts, no breaks, Devaun get's bound tortured and forced to CUM

Welcome Devaun to her first Hogtied appearance. What a debut it was! We subjected this first timer to one of our hardest, most brutal formats Hogtied has to offer: the live format.

No cuts, no breaks, all on screen tying and untying. You see it all - unedited, real BDSM action as it happened. All the joy and all the agony. The safe words, the pain, the forced orgasm, and the beauty of pure spontaneity. Hang on for a fast paced trip into one of Hogtied's most successful shoots; Real Time Hogtied at its best.
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Delilah Strong's huge tit's bound hard, as she is forced to CUM!

Porn sensation Delilah Strong takes on Hogtied for the first time. With huge breasts and a wonderfully phat ass, Delilah soon learns what it means to be completely helpless. She suffers over and over as she endures tight elbow bondage, an extreme hogtie, hard anal fucking and many many forced orgasms. At the end of the shoot, Delilah is left dripping wet and exhausted.
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Hogtied.com: Huge titted red head, bet bound forced to cum.

What is not to love about a flexible big titted girl that loves bondage? We get a lot of new girls, but it is great to get back to the ones who can take it. The ones you can put in HARD bondage and keep them there. The ones you can tie up and force to cum over and over. The ones who know what being a slave really is and don't make up fake social site profiles. It's great to work with the real deal and Berlin is as real as it gets.
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Sexy black MILF gets bound forced to cum and squirts!.

Monique started her porn career doing bondage magazine layouts. That was back when bondage was fluffy, cute, and easy. Flash forward to the present as Monique indulges in her first hardcore bondage experience. Nervous at first, and more than a little fiesty and defiant, Monique soon realizes her mouth will get her into more trouble than it's worth.

Great bondage, many hard forced orgasms, forced squirting, and nice ass fucking - Monique experiences it all, and discovers that her pussy gets wetter, and the ropes get tighter.
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Bodybuilder Lynn McCrossin (PecPanther) bound and forced to cum

Where can you find a previously-ranked bodybuilder in hardcore bondage? The answer is nowhere, until today. Welcome Lynn McCrossin, known as the PecPanther. All those muscles don't mean anything when you are bound up with 4 strand German hemp!

Once you get these muscle-bound hotties tied up and helpless, they are just like any other girl. Their pussies get wet, they struggle and fight but can not stop the sexual assault against their hard bodies. PecPanther is forced to cum and cum, until she actually begs for it to stop.
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Big titted 19 year old, gets tied up molested and forced to cum.

Amy stars in her first bondage shoot as a young girl talking to her Doctor about her growing fantasies. As she flashes between reality and fantasy, she loses control, and finds herself bound, helpless, and forced to orgasm..

19 year old Amy Aveline is truly the girl next door. This natural beauty is cute, sexy, and so fresh. We almost felt guilty about tying her down and forcing her to cum for the first time on camera.
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Hot girl next door gets bound and forced to cum.

Devaun is back, and back with a vengeance. After her previous "real time" shoot she wanted to be challenged; she wanted it "hard"

Hogtied was happy to oblige, and we created one of those shoots we give the "classic" title to. We do not toss that word around lightly. Very few models can do what it takes be in a "Classic" - it is that hard.

Three category 5 ties (hardest ties we do) and a multitude of forced screaming helpless orgasms. We take Devaun to the edge and somehow keep her there for the entire update. This is real BDSM. This is the original Hogtied.
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Amazonian red head, stripped, bound, and forced to CUM!

Normally, we baby and coddle new girls. We take it slow, easing them into the BDSM experience. Not today.

If you're dating Lew Rubens, then you get no special treatment and we will come at you full tilt. You be subjected to four Category 5 ties (our hardest). You will be hung by your hair. You will be hung by your ankles with rope. You will be put in the most back-arching hogties and suspended. You will suffer a full wrist suspension with your head held back to an ass hook. You will be overloaded with pain, pleasure, and even severe tickling. After, you will smile about it..

Sabrina had a great time even though we overwhelmed her. We Hogtied folks had a great time. Dare I call this another Hogtied Classic?
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